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Odinstal - Gewürztraminer 350 N.N. 2014

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Odinstal - Gewürztraminer 350 N.N. 2014

Gewürztraminer has a huge tradition at Odinstal. Johann Ludwig Wolf, who started growing grapes at Odinstal about 200 years ago, had over 2ha of them to have a variety with low acidity due the cooler air on the hill. Schumann initially struggled to cultivate Gewürztraminer as it is known for perfumed, sweet an alcoholic wines ... but he wanted the tradition to still pick again.

Now they do a very untypical Gewürztraminer, harvest ripe, not overripe, to limit the alcohol, the uninjured berries presses directly instead mashing and ferment as long as possible.

The result is a lighter, more delicate Gewürztraminer, which fits perfectly with light, but aromatic and spicy hot cuisine such as salads with raw tomatoes or onions, raw fish, etc..

Alc. 11.96% vol. RZ 5.5 g/l Sre 5.0g/l

Case of 6 bottles.

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