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Beconcini - Fresco di Nero IGT Tempranillo 2014

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Beconcini - Fresco di Nero IGT Tempranillo 2014

Call it light red or deep rose, this wine is made from the unique Tempranillo grapes from Italy. Crisp and refreshing this wine is perfect for hot weather. Light but complex, just as the bottle says.

This wine is a fascinating style and is made from early harvested Tempranillo grapes – picked in August in fact, their Tempranillo is usually picked in mid September. The wine undergoes a cold fermentation in glass lined concrete vats and is aged on the lees in the same tanks for 4 months.

A vivid deep, but bright and concentrated strawberry red with a subtle tinge of orange. The nose blasts soft red fruit, orange peel and blood orange aromas together with a touch of enticing spice. The palate is fresh and generous with a creamy texture and a touch of smoke from the 4 months on the lees, even a little savoury, ready, stuffing character to the mid palate.

The orange and orange peel and the red fruit, strawberry, cranberry and cherry all vie with each other for the centre spot on your palate giving a fresh fruit crunch and there is a nice freshness of acidity keeping the wine lively.

You can serve this as an aperitif, treating it as a serious rosé or with food as an excellent light red. Whether it’s a red or a rosé, it is surprisingly complex, quite delicious and very drinkable.

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