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Weingut Odinstal

Weingut Odinstal, Wachenheim, Pfalz, Germany.

Odinstal is a tiny biodynamic producer that sits just up the mountain from the legendary village of Wachenheim. Winemaker Andreas Schumann works with the vineyards and wines like a pious mad scientist. Holding firm in his beliefs even if the resulting methods are ten times more expensive or difficult.

Three interns work with him like loyal acolytes learning the ways of boutique German biodynamics. They do crazy things at Odinstal, and the work pays off with distinctive style, complexity and purity. The single vineyard Odinstal is a monopole, located 350 meters above sea level making it among the highest in the Pfalz. In this unique micro-climate there is also great advantage for producing dry wines that are physiologically ripe, intensely aromatic and concentrated without being too alcoholic or deficient in acidity. Every wine represents the highest level of quality, with yields kept extremely low, at less than 30hl/ha.