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Box Riesling Summit

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Box Riesling Summit
Box Riesling Summit
Box Riesling Summit
Box Riesling Summit


Riesling Summit
Pfalz is not only one of Germany's most important wine regions but also home to some of the finest Riesling in the world. The region's still white wines have reduced in sweetness, and are now mostly trocken (dry).
From crisp and fruity to filigrane and complex this Riesling collection will surely satisfy your Riesling cravings.

Forster Riesling (2 bottles)
"Super dry at first, a severe acidity really wakes you up. Then, beautiful minerals flows on the palate and a very tight and crisp finish makes it quite refreshing."

Odinstal Riesling 120 N.N. (2 bottles)
"Very aromatic Riesling with delicate acidity. Pickled lemons, mirabelle plums, ginger, rosemary and sweet yellow flowers. Ends with a stony, glycerol minerality."

Ungeheuer Riesling Grosse Lage (2 bottles)
“Unlike its ominous name, this wine is “blue” in tone: wisteria, violet, blueberry...and it’s as long as a Miles Davis solo. Grosse Lage with high potential for cellar aging."

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