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Franz Keller Weissburgunder exclusively distributed to Yardbird, Ronin, and Sunday's Grocery

RŌNIN is this uber-trendy restaurant, owned by rockstar couple Matt Abergel and Lindsay Jang - the folks behind hipster-mecca Yardbird. This is a team which knows how to keep things hip and happening. Unlike it’s all chicken sister, RŌNIN’s main focus is fish and seafood designed as a culinary playground for Abergel to stretch his Japanese cooking techniques using the city's freshest seafood. The menu shifts daily and the restaurant's cool staff highly encourage alcoholic accompaniments to the dishes. What better place for us to be with our fresh and fizzy Weissburgunder from Franz Keller. Ronin carries the same Yardbird stamp of warm service and swingy, anything-goes vibe, and has amped the class up a bit with fancier finger foods, fancier drinks and even a fancier dim mirrored bathroom that could give dragon-i a run for its money.

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